Weston Silver Band NABBA Champions 2017

Earlier this year I travelled to Fort Wayne Indiana with the Weston Silver Band to compete in the North America Brass Band Association championships. We were thrilled to be awarded first place honours in Division One. This is our performance of Endeavour by Philip Sparke. Enjoy, and please consider joining us for our concert series this season. You can find more information at our website by clicking here.

The Dixie Demons perform “Fidgety Feet” at Sticky Fingers in Barrie

I had a great time performing yesterday (April 13, 2014) with the Dixie Demons in Barrie at Sticky Fingers restaurant for the Simcoe County Jazz Society. The band was cooking as it always does. the video clip below was shot with my iPad sitting on a music stand which was unceremoniously moved by a customer during the recording as you will see. The band members are co leaders Ross Wooldridge on clarinet and Dan Douglas on trombone plus Steve Crowe on trumpet, Phil Disera on banjo, John Collin on drums and Doug Burrell (yours truly) on tuba.

Ray Draper

I’ve had a lot of fun lately trolling around Youtube and iTunes looking to see who is or was out there playing jazz tuba. Lately I stumbled across a video of Ray Draper.

I first heard about Ray Draper a number of years ago but it wasn’t until I saw the video of him on YouTube that I started to get an idea of what he was all about. Draper was a pioneer in that he saw the potential for the tuba as a front line instrument in jazz. Sometimes improvising on the tuba feels like trying to knit with boxing gloves on but Ray Draper pushed hard against the limitations of the instrument with some very nice musical ideas. (Edit: It appears that the video listed below has been removed by Youtube.)