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Here is some information about the campaign. Thanks for reading! started with many meetings among musicians and jazz lovers over a year ago, and has since grown to be a vibrant on-line social community and marketing hub with over 40 top-notch musicians (and their groups) on the site.
We are now going the next phase, to make a world-class site for the jazz community to share and enjoy and we need your help to grow and make stellar and be part of our ongoing community!
“We need YOU to make this happen.”

We have a passion for this project and passion for adding value to others and our community. Why does this project matter? It’s because this great music and these great musicians deserve to be heard!

Our crowd funding campaign is now launched on RocketHub. Click Here to view the Project. Through this campaign we want to improve our site and offerings and to grow our jazz community. We have worked to make this campaign a success and include some awesome rewards for your support including

– mp3s and CDs
– loaded iPods,
– original jazz photos
– tickets to our Mini Jazz Fest
– dinner with an artist
– private concerts in your home
– study scores
– project funding
– even have a piece composed about you or a family member.

RocketHub is not an investment or charity. It is an exchange: funds from supporters for Goods from us.
It’s a “keep what we raise” funding mechanism: if we don’t reach my financial goal we get to keep what we raise.

We are so proud of the progress we have made solely on a shoestring budget and loads of goodwill. We now offer quality video and news, loads of music (over 650 tracks), and we have been recognized not only in Canada, but as far as Finland and Japan by fans and artists alike.

For more information and updates about this campaign go to our Campaign Page. Goes Live

I am very excited that Timothy Booth’s new site will be launching September 15th. The site showcases some great Canadian jazz artists and is well worth a look. You can find more information at the following URL.

The launch events at The Rex on Saturday Sept. 15th at 3:30 p.m. and at The Dominion on Queen on Monday, Sept. 17th at 7:30 p.m. promise to be well worth seeing.

Don’t Forget the Stamps

Well I finally got the email that I was waiting for from CDBaby. “Send more CD’s! Buckhorn Morning is out of stock!”

By the time I bought a box and some packing tape and paid the postage from Ontario to Oregon I had spent 17 bucks, and that was sending the CD’s via regular parcel delivery! Kinda cuts in to revenues in a big way. I’m going to have to find a cheaper shipping solution. 🙂

Searching for “Buckhorn Morning” in iTunes

I have had an interesting time working through the process of making my jazz tuba cd, Buckhorn Morning available on line. One of the challenges has been trying to have the cd show up in iTunes search results if someone searches using the keywords tuba or jazz tuba. While my cd has a lovely picture of a tuba on the front cover, the actual word “tuba” is nowhere to be seen. I may be out of luck, but I’ll know better next time. 🙂

Links to my cd can be found at

Buckhorn Morning Jazz Tuba CD Released. Buy it Here!

Borgy Borgerson Banjo Favourites
Doug Burrell Buckhorn Morning

After well over a year of composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering it feels great to have my jazz tuba cd Buckhorn Morning released and available for sale. The CD is available through the Silverbirch Online Store in Canada as well as through CDBabyiTunes and  Buckhorn Morning is a jazz CD with the tuba playing a lot of lead and playing a lot of improvised choruses as part of an eight piece ensemble. I like to think that we’ve come up with something that’s fairly unique and fun to listen to.

An Introduction….

imageThanks for checking out my first foray into the world of blogging!

I am a music educator and tuba player working in the Toronto area. I am very fortunate to have had the chance to play various flavours of jazz tuba with a number of phenomenally talented musicians. Bands that I am currently playing with include the Dixie Demons, who play what I would call trad jazz with attitude,(Ross Wooldridge on clarinet, Steve Crowe on trumpet, Dan Douglas on trombone, Chris Lamont on drums) and the Brian Barlow Brass and Drums (2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba and percussion). Brian writes phenomenal charts and the musicians in the band (Russ Little on trombone, Chase Sanborn, Brian O’Kane on trumpet and Brian Barlow on percussion) are marvelous players.

I really enjoy playing with NOJO. The Neufeld Occipinti Jazz Orchestra is once again a 16 piece ensemble after a few years as a 9 piece band and it really cooks thanks to great players and the innovative charts provided by co-leaders Paul Neufeld and Michael Occipinti.

I round out my playing with various corporate events, private functions and by performing with several brass quintets which are active in the Toronto area.

Doug B.